Latest Press Release For Sarm Heslop – Missing Person

Sarm Heslop Missing Person USVI

March 04, 2022

Missing for one year. Sarm’s parents travel to the US Virgin Islands to seek answers for their daughter. 

It has been a whole year since Sarm Heslop went missing from her boyfriend Ryan Bane’s catamaran from St. John in the US Virgin Islands. In the early hours of Monday March 8, 2021 Mr Bane allegedly woke up to find Sarm missing but all her personal belongings were left on board. Despite an extensive search of the sea and coastland, there has been no sign of her since. Sarm’s parents are now travelling to the USVI to try and piece together the last known movements of their beloved daughter.

#FindSarm, the group of Sarm’s closest friends who have led the efforts to publicise the situation say they feel abandoned by the USVI and UK authorities.

They said “We are a whole year on from learning of her disappearance and yet we still only have the same handful of facts about what happened that night. We know that they dined on the island and returned to the boat at 10pm. We know that Ryan Bane called the local police at 2.30am and we know that he later called the coastguard at 11.46am.”

“We also know that a full forensic search of the catamaran Siren Song, of which Sarm was a resident has never been carried out. We know that Ryan Bane has never been interviewed by the US Virgin Islands PD and we know that there has been no sign of Sarm since she was in that restaurant in St John.”

“We have no evidence that Mr Bane participated in the searches for Sarm, nor has he been called in for further questioning since he pled the Fifth Amendment. Ryan Bane has never come forward to offer the VIPD access to the Siren Song for a forensic search of the last place she was seen. We understand that the application for a search warrant has been declined three times on the grounds of lack of evidence that this is nothing more than a missing person case.”

Sarm’s parents are currently in the US Virgin Islands accompanied by the British Consul General in Miami following their meeting with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. Sarm’s friends across the world are urging the FCDO and the UK and USVI authorities not to give up on their friend. Whilst there they hope to meet with the authorities face to face to get an update on the investigation.

“We have been so grateful to Hampshire Police for assisting the VIPD with the investigation but we are absolutely gutted that they are now not accompanying Sarm’s parents to the USVI. We feel that the USVI and UK authorities could still do a lot more to support the investigation. The investigation has stalled and no one seems willing to push harder for Sarm. She is a UK citizen and she is missing. She deserves more.”




Sarm is described as 5 feet 8 Caucasian female of slim build. She has a bright coloured tattoo on her left shoulder featuring a seahorse, bird, butterfly and a pink flower.

A reward of $10,000 for anyone with information that leads to a significant breakthrough in the case is offered and anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Sarm is urged to call Crime Stoppers USVI at (800) 222-TIPS

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support Sarm’s family:

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