Latest Press Release For Sarm Heslop – Missing Person

Sarm Heslop Missing Person USVI

December 10, 2021

Sarm’s family and friends plead with UK Government and Virgin Islands Police Department to not stop looking for answers into Sarm’s disappearance from Ryan Bane’s catamaran 9 months ago.

As we lead up to Sarm’s 42nd Birthday on 19th December, 9 distressing months has passed since Sarm Heslop went missing from St. John in the US Virgin Islands. Sarm’s parents and friends continue to liaise with the Virgin Islands Police Department and the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office to do all they can to further the search for Sarm.

  • To date, no warrant has been granted by US authorities for a full forensic search of the catamaran Siren Song, a potential crime scene as it’s the last place Sarm was seen as a resident with her boyfriend Ryan Bane.
  • Ryan Bane has still not come forward to offer any assistance in the search and is still a person of interest as the last person to see Sarm.
  • It is now understood that Ryan Bane listed the Siren Song for sale for USD 229,000, having removed its recognisable name from the vessel’s exterior.

#FindSarm, the group of Sarm’s closest friends is publicly pleading for the authorities to urge Ryan Bane, the last person to see Sarm, his girlfriend, to come forward for further questioning in hope of piecing together what happened that night and to reconsider the forensic search of the catamaran prior to its sale.

They said “Once the boat is sold any evidence which could hold vital clues to Sarm’s disappearance will be lost forever and that would be devastating. Despite the months which have passed, the smallest clue could hold the key. This could have been a crime scene; without the warrant for search we will never know.

“This has been the most excruciating and all-consuming 9 months, trying to understand what happened to Sarm. We know she would not have left of her own free will, she is such a happy, positive woman, and she loves the life she has created. We are desperate for the US Government to recognise the importance of further questioning and searches. We ask for the owners of the neighbouring boats moored close to The Siren Song that night to come forward, the passengers on board the charter that day, locals who were working or living close by that may have seen or heard anything that fateful night to come forward, no detail is too small as we struggle to find answers.”

Sarm’s parents say “This is the first time in 42 years that we are unable to look forward to Sarm’s Birthday. How can we celebrate whilst she is still missing, nothing makes sense anymore” Sarm’s friend add “We will celebrate Sarm’s birthday on 19th December, we will come together because we love her, we miss her and we will continue to stand strong in our fight for answers and justice as anyone would who had a loved one taken from”.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support Sarm’s family:

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