The Daily Mail: Mother begs US President for help as she slams local police

He was advised to immediately get in touch with the coastguard, but reportedly didn’t do so until nine hours later. When officials eventually boarded the catamaran, a coastguard report alleged Bane was ‘highly intoxicated’ and prevented a search of the cabin. Read more at

Sky News: Mother of British woman asks President Biden for help finding her daughter

Three years after going missing from her boyfriend’s catamaran, Ms Heslop is still officially missing, but her mother now believes she was killed. The family have recruited a former Met Police homicide commander to assist in the search. Read the full story and see the news report at

The Missing podcast: Sarm Heslop

One night, whilst moored at the harbour, the pair went ashore for dinner and drinks. Their return journey, as they approached the dinghy that would get them back to the boat, was picked up by CCTV. A short while later, In the early hours of the morning on March 8th,… Continue reading...

The Daily Telegraph: Virgin Islands police trying to ‘take the heat off themselves’ over missing Briton

It’s appalling that the VIPD would share this kind of information with a local news outlet instead of properly updating Sarm’s family. “Once again, it shows a total lack of respect for her grieving family and friends Read more at