Day 13 Update

Missing Sarm Cops Let Us Search Boat

Sarm Heslop has been missing for 13 days from St John, USVI. 

USVI police spokesman Toby Derima:

We would need to get a warrant to search the boat. We would need to show the court that we had probable cause to search the boat, as this is not yet a criminal case.

“We thought we could just ask Mr Bane to search the boat and he would say yes and he didn’t. That is his right. Getting the search warrant would be the next step, however we are still searching, doing regular inspections of the areas and speaking to potential witnesses.

We continue to push for a thorough ‘fingertip’ search of the boat and await further updates from the VIPD. We appreciate the support of the press, both in the UK and worldwide. We will not give up hope – we are determined to find our friend.

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